Wesley Woods is an actor, comedian and an award winning (retired) pornstar. He began his Stand-up Comedy career in Las Vegas, performing at various hotels- including regular feature sets at Sayers Club-SLS Hotel. Wesley competed and reached the Finals of LA'S Funniest Comic in 2017 and has since performed at some of the top comedy clubs around the country including The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Woods retired from the porn industry in 2019, but not before racking up numerous awards including 3 best actor and 3 performer of the year wins. Adult Video Network is quoted as saying “Woods arguably had the most successful four-year run of any performer in History."


-Web-cam performer of the year

-Clip artist of the year

-Stage debut Montalban Theater January 2020 Women behind bars 

-Guest appearance on East Siders, Just Another Immigrant, Botched. 

-Award show writer (GayVN Awards) 


YouTube: Middle Ground


4Million views


Trixie & Katya: Bald & The Beautiful




Waiting For Rock (short film)